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The Aspara, SpaCare International's premier brand, is a winner of the Singapore Promising Brand Award 2002, as well as a Finalist in the Singapore Tourism Board's Tourism Awards 'Best Spa Experience' 2006. On top of that, Cleo Magazine awarded The Aspara's Ayus Lomi massage the Crush Award (2006) for 'The Massage That Will Change Your Life'. The Aspara brand of spas can be found in the following locations: Singapore - Goodwood Park Hotel, Amara Hotel, Hollandse Club, NTU Alumni Club and SAFRA Yishun Country Club; Thailand - Holiday Inn Resort Phuket and RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort Chiang Mai; Malaysia - Pelangi Beach & Spa Resort.

The Aspara and The Asian Spa have launched their very own line of exquisite spa products – The Aspara Pure Spa Blends. Made from only the finest ingredients, The Aspara Pure Spa Blends feature a series of Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrubs and Aromatic Massage Oils that will help bring the spa experience home.

Aspara Spa Menu

Memorable Massages

Aromatherapy Body Massage A blissfully soothing and therapeutic treatment which uses Aromatic Massage Oils from The Aspara Pure Spa Blends range. With a variety of scents to choose from – Mountain Mistral, Sunshine Burst, Cool Breeze and Blue Sky, The Aspara blend of Aromatic Massage Oils contain premium ingredients and pure essential oils. The Aromatherapy Body Massage helps increase blood flow, further encouraging the oils to be better absorbed.

Aroma Meridian Massage A unique massage blending the best of East and West traditions. It revolves around the Chinese belief of Yin & Yang, acupressure points and Western practices of aromatherapy.

Thai Massage Traditional Thai Massage using pressure point techniques and muscle stretching to relieve tension and muscular stress.

Indonesian Massage Traditional Indonesian focused on long rhythmic strokes to promote a sense of well-being.

Hot Stones Therapy A therapeutic massage using heated basalt stones to bring relief to tired muscles. Heated stones are placed on strategic points of the body to decongest stressed muscles and promote blood circulation. A soothing massage is delivered using aroma oils.

Biodroga Premium Spa Facials Select your choice of Premium Spa Facials using the famed Biodroga brand of facial and skin care products from Baden-Baden, Germany.

Body Exfoliation
Sugar Body Scrubs Unlike salt-based scrubs, our sugar body scrubs are gentler on the skin, without compromising on effectiveness. A truly unique concoction from The Aspara Pure Spa Blends, our scrubs only contain pure extracts and the finest quality oils like Macadamia Nut and Jojoba. Providing vastly different experiences, the Orange and Lime Sugar Scrubs leave one feeling truly refreshed and invigorated, while the Lavender Sugar Scrub serves to calm and soothe.

Javanese Lulur Unlike the traditional Javanese Lulur used in many spas, The Aspara created its very own Lulur Melati, or Jasmin Fragranced Javanese Lulur.

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