Private Hill Tribe & Chiang Dao Cave Tour

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On this full-day tour, discover Northern Thailand's exotic beauty. Find delicate orchids and butterflies at a vibrant orchid farm, explore the depths of an ancient cave, and visit 4 different hill tribes, including the Karen Long Neck women—a revealing reminder of Thailand's past and present.

Begin by wandering through beautiful, blooming orchids while butterflies speckle the air with color. Find almost every species of orchid that grows in Thailand, including one of the most rare and beautiful varieties, the pure white orchid.

Next, explore part of a cave system that extends into a mountain for more than 7 miles (12 km). See evidence of the Burmese monk who helped install statues and images of Buddha more than 100 years ago. Aided by kerosene lamps, your guide leads you through long tunnels and galleries and past impressive stalactites, icicle-shaped deposits of glistening minerals formed by water dripping over thousands of years.

Heading back into the light of day, enjoy a traditional Thai lunch before traveling on to the hill tribes. Stop by 4 distinct villages, including the famed Karen Long Neck tribe. Visit with the hospitable village ladies, browse their handmade crafts and fabrics, and gain further understanding of their brass-coiled necks.

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