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The Best Of Everything In Nimmanhaemin

Nimmanhaemin is the centre of cool in Chiang Mai. Locally known by the abbreviation 'Nimman', the area has benefited by the influx of wave after of wave of students from the nearby Chiang Mai University who have brought a modern and urban style to Chiang Mai, which is different to the traditions and temples of the rest of the city.

This guide is the best of everything in Nimman. We have the best things to see and do, where to shop, what eat and, of course, where to party. It might not be what you envisioned before you came here, but if you want a true experience of modern-day Chiang Mai then a day and night spent in the cool boutiques, fusion restaurants, and pumping local bars offers a great counterbalance to a day of lounging in the Old City. Take a look at the best of Nimmanhaemin below.

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Top 10 Everything in Nimmanhaemin

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