Chiang Mai Restaurants Guide

Dining and Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Take a look around you in Thailand and you will notice that Thais are eating almost constantly. Who can blame them when such delicious food can be found on every corner? Thai food is definitely part of Thailand's appeal and visitors to the Kingdom are spoiled for choice when it comes to cuisine.

Chiang Mai restaurants run the gamut from no-frills, mom-and-pop joints to five star gourmet establishments. In addition to mouth watering Thai cuisine you will find an excellent selection of international cuisines. Chiang Mai's restaurants offer tastes from Paris to Pakistan to Phuket and at prices that encourage you to splurge.

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Thai Food

Antique House Garden Restaurant & Gallery
Northern and Central Thai food in a lovely teak house.
71 Charoen Phra Thet Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 6810

Aroon Rai Restaurant (Recommended!)
Dont let the exterior fool you, this place serves up fantastic fare.
45 Kotchasarn Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 6947

Baan Suan Sri Chiang Mai
Natural beauty and first rate cuisine make for a memorable evening here.
51/4 Moo 1 Chiang Mai San Kamphaeng Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 326 2568

Come-In House (Recommended!)
Excellent food and nice ambience.
79/3 Sirithorn Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 321 2516; Fax: +66 (0)5 322 5305

Dada Garden
Outdoor seating in a lovely garden make this out of the way corner; worth a look.
Round Condo on Irrigation Canal Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 322 7011

Galare Restaurant
Located near a reservoir, this restaurant does extremely good chicken in panandus leaves.
65 Nimmanhemin Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 8655

The Gallery Restaurant (Recommended!)
Located on the banks of the Ping River, this is a Chiang Mai institution.
25, 27, 29 Charoenrat Rd
Tel: +66 (0)5 324 8601 ext 2; Fax: +66 (0)5 324 8602

Hong Tauw Inn
Traditional and northern Thai cuisine in a unique, air-con, art deco setting.
95/16-17 Nimmanhemin Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 340 0039, +66 (0)5 321 8333

Huen Phen Restaurant
Northern Thai food thats as good as youll find anywhere.
112 Ratchamankha Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 7103

Just One
Recently opened and popular with university students and young expats.
16/1 Huay Kaew Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 389 2123

Kaengron Baan Suan Restaurant
A local favourite with an extensive menu.
149/3 Irrigation Canal Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 322 1378, +66 (0)5 321 3762

Mango Tree Cafe
Excellent Thai and western food and Sunday lamb roasts.
8/2 Loi Khro Road
Tel: +66 (0)5 320 8292

Moon Terrace
Great atmosphere and poolside dining.
149/7 Moo 2 Irrigation Canal Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 341 4094

Old School
Live music and great atmosphere.
Soi 17 Nimmanhemin Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)1 764 6692

Rain Forest
A jungle style restaurant with a hip young clientele.
181 Chiang Mai - Hod Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 344 1908, +66 (0)5 343 2319

Regina Restaurant and Guesthouse
Tasty Thai food popular with backpackers.
69, 71, 73 Charoenrat Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 326 2882

The Riverside (Recommended!)
A must visit in Chiang Mai. Great food, great music, great time.
9-11 Charoenrat Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 324 3239, +66 (0)5 324 6323

The River Deli
On the riverside, this relaxed place also serves Swedish food.
233 Charoenrat Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 326 0404

The Wok Restaurant (Recommended!)
The showcase for the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School, this is some of the best food in town.
44 Ratchamankha Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 320 8281

Tha-Nam Restaurant (Recommended!)
Popular restaurant with great food on the riverside.
43/3 Moo 2 Chang Klan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 328 2098 ext 8; Fax: +66 (0)5 327 5125

Chinese Food

Ming Ming Restaurant
Wide variety of regional Chinese cuisines.
The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, 153 Sri Donchai Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 0160

Phuping Restaurant
Quality Chinese food and great Dim Sum
Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel, 23 Huay Kaew Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 322 2099, +66 (0)5 322 2913

The China Palace
Very upscale Chinese food.
Westin Chiang Mai Hotel, 318/1 Nong Hoi Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 5300

English Food

The Pub Restaurant
Long standing reputable pub that serves all the classics.
189 Huay Kaew Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 321 1550

Irish Pub (Recommended!)
Good pub grub, friendly atmosphere, sports on TV, this place is an expat hangout.
24-24/1 Ratwithi Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 321 4554

Red Lion
Bangers and Mash alongside Pad Thai something for everyone.
123 Loi Khro Rd., Night Bazaar
Tel: +66 (0)5 381 8847

French Food

Chez Daniel (Recommended!)
Top quality French food and good luncheon specials.
45/18 Mahidol Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 320 4600

L'Auberge des Gourmets Restaurant
This restaurant supplies many others with pastries and pt.
42 Kamphaeng Din Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 2712; Fax: +66 (0)5 320 6558

La Veranda
Creative food and classy surroundings make this a popular Night Bazaar stop.
2 Fl. Chiang Mai Pavilion (above McDonald's) Chang Khlan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 381 8495

Le Coq D'or (Recommended!)
The most famous French restaurant in the north. Pricey but you get exactly what you pay for.
68/1 Koh Klang Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 328 2024

German Food

Beer House
Get your schnitzel on.
255 Moon Muang Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 331 0697

Bier Stube
Popular with the German contingent, this place also does good Thai food.
33/64 Moon Muang Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 321 0869

German Hofbrauhaus
Hungry Night Bazaar shoppers will appreciate the generous portions.
115/12 Loi Khro Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 6989, +66 (0)5 382 1273

Haus Munchen
Cozy and friendly. Good value for your money at this place.
115/3 Loi Khro Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 4027

Indian, Pakistani or Arabic Food

Asma Restaurant
Probably the best Indian food in Chiang Mai.
248/55-56 Maneenoparat Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)53 818 588, +66 (0)83 571 4007; Fax. +66 (0)53 404 507

Arabia Restaurant (Recommended!)
Excellent menu and good value for money.
Anusarn Market.
Tel: +66 (0)5 381 8850, +66 (0)1 960 6397

Punjabi Restaurant
A delight, especially for vegetarians.
1/3 Moon Muang Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 322 6675, +66 (0)9 758 5246

The Whole Earth
Upscale restaurant that goes easy on the spice.
88 Sri Donchai Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 328 2463

Italian Food

Art Cafe (Recommended!)
This restaurant has an eclectic menu that also includes Mexican food.
291 Tha Phae Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 320 6365 Giorgio Italian Restaurant (Recommended!)
Authentic pasta and pizza and a delightful house wine
2/6 Pratchasamphan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 381 8236

Il Forno (Recommended!)
Pizza lovers look no further this is it.
1142 Phra Pokklao Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 320 8778

La Gritta
A little on the pricey side but delicious. Try the luncheon buffet for a good value.
Amari Rincome Hotel, 1 Nimmanhemin road,
Tel: +66 (0)5 322 1130

La Casa Italian Restaurant
A deep menu and an intimate setting.
5 Moo 1, Irrigation Canal Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 321 5802

La Villa Pizzeria
No nonsense, good value and hearty fare. An excellent value.
145 Ratchadamnoen Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 7403

La Gondola Restaurant
First rate atmosphere in a riverside setting.
Tel: +66 (0)5 330 6483

Da Stefano (Recommended!)
Sister to La Gondola, this is one of the most popular places in town.
2/1 Chang Moi Kao Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 387 4189

Piccola Roma (Recommended!)
Classy joint with an extensive wine cellar this is a place to splurge.
3/23 Charoen Phrathet Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 1256

Venezia Restaurant
Hotel prices but hotel quality and atmosphere.
The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, 153 Sri Donchai Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 0160 ext 80

Japanese Food

Miyuki Restaurant
Authentic feel and delicious Sukiyaki.
Royal Princess Hotel, Chang Khlan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 328 1033

The Imperial Sha Bu Sha Bu Restaurant
Cook you own meal in a hot pot at this fun place.
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 016

Korean Food

Korean Restaurant
Not the best atmosphere but the value is great and the food is good.
193/3 Chang Klan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 2282

Kosher & Middle Eastern Food

Jerusalem Falafel (Recommended!)
A home away from home for middle eastern travellers always busy.
35/3 Moon Muang Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 0208

Sandwich Bars & Bakeries

Foccacio Restaurant
Great baked goods and pasta.
Basement of Chiang Inn Plaza Building, Chang Klan Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 328 1353

Mike’s Burgers (Recommended!)
Simply the best burger in Chiang Mai and open until 03:00. This is the place to go after a long night of partying.
Corner of Chaiayaphum and Chiang Moi Roads

The Amazing Sandwich
Build your sandwich exactly the way you like it.
252/3 Phra Pokklao Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 321 8846

Swiss Food

Chez John
The only place in town for fondue.
18/1 Airport Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 320 1551

Vietnamese Food

Nong Khai Nam Nuang (Recommended!)
This authentic restaurant is favoured by locals.
8 Phra Pokklao Rd, Soi 11
Tel : +66 (0)5 341 6083

Khantoke Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Khantoke restaurants are a fairly new but popular feature of Chiang Ma, combining great food with cultural entertainment. Khantoke restaurants get their name from the low tables on which the food is served, called Khantoke in Thai. Diners sit on the floor, propped up by sumptuous cushions, and sample a variety of unique northern dishes.

Accompanying the traditional food is a performance of traditional Lanna (northern Thai) music and dance. Dancers weave intricate patterns in the air with their hands and describe complex circles of movement with their feet. The music is haunting and soothing at the same time and visitors often feel as if theyve been transported back through the centuries to the height of the Lanna Kingdom of old.

Khantoke Dinner Show
The most established Khantoke restaurant in Chiang Mai with excellent food and entertainment.
Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre
183/5 Wualai Rd.
Tel: +66 (0)5 327 5097, +66 (0)5 327 4540

Khum Khantoke
New to the scene, this is rapidly becoming the most popular Khantoke experience in the city.
139 Moo 4 Nong Pakrung
Tel: +66 (0)5 330 4121 ext 3, +66 (0)5 326 0504

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