First Time in Night Bazaar - What to Do

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Survival Guide

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar could surprise some first-time visitors, if they're not prepared for it. The area between the Old City and the Riverside is one of Chiang Mai’s main nightlife and shopping hubs and, while market shopping shouldn’t come as a surprise to overseas guests, the nightlife might. Thailand’s beer bars can seem a little shocking to the unprepared, even if the ones here in Chiang Mai are fairly tame, compared to other places in the country.

Do not be alarmed, though. Other than a little bit of surprising nightlife, this area has a lot to offer and is even quite family-friendly. With the aid of this Chiang Mai Night Bazaar survival guide, you’ll be able to get the best out it. You’ll find great shopping opportunities and some fantastic restaurants, as well as comfortable and cost-effective hotel options in a convenient location.

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Chiang Mai Night Bazaar at a Glance

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the main shopping and nightlife hubs of the city. While it’s practically deserted during the day, thanks to its almost complete lack of temples and tourist attractions, it comes to life in the evenings. The epicentre of the area is where Loi Khroh Road meets Chang Khlan Road. Every evening, this area becomes the eponymous Night Bazaar from around 18:00 until late. Thanks to this and a great selection of affordable but comfortable accommodation, Night Bazaar acts as a great base from which to explore, especially for families.

  • The fantastic night market
  • Lots of fun nightlife, including some good discos and clubs
  • Good choice of comfortable hotels
  • Easy to reach both Riverside and Old City
  • Few cultural attractions
  • Can be crowded
  • Some nightlife can be a bit extreme

Things You Can Do in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Unsurprisingly, the most popular thing to do in an area known as Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is shopping. Actually broken up into several parts, the Night Bazaar starts from somewhere near Le Meridien Chiang Mai and spreads out from there. There are other markets around the area, including the Ton Lamyai Flower Market, Anusarn Market and Ploen Rudee Night Market, among others. There’s even a shopping mall and various stand-alone stores you can check out. We recommend that you don’t miss out on the following places during your first time in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    Ground zero of this nightly commerce is located at the intersection of Chang Khlan Road and Loi Khro Road but the whole Read More»

  • Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

    Art in Paradise Museum Chiang Mai is one of the most fun places in the city to take photographs of you and your friends. Read More»

  • Ploen Rudee Night Market

    Ploen Rudee Night Market is an international food park serving a range of different cuisines, with live music and small Read More»

Best Places to Go at Night in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

While Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is generally quite a family-friendly sort of place, the nightlife is among the most risqué of anywhere in the city. It’s nothing like the same level as Bangkok or Pattaya, but this is the one part of Chiang Mai where you’ll see hostess bars. They’re pretty easy to spot – just look out for any bar lit by pink neon lights. On the tamer side, you’ll find Irish and British bars, nightclubs, swanky rooftop cocktail bars and plenty more. If you’re looking to party in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, we recommend the following places.

  • Boy Blues Bar

    Boy Blues Bar is the right place for you to go if you like Blues music as there are live performances every night for Read More»

  • Chiang Mai Ladyboy Cabaret Show

    Chiang Mai’s Ladyboy Cabaret Show is the most popular show in the city and on the list of things to do for many tourists Read More»

  • Top 10 Night Spots in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    Top 10 Night Spots in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    Some of the best bars and clubs are found in and around this area, as well as some of the most risqué, but owing to the Read More»

Great Restaurants We Like in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The dining scene in Night Bazaar covers the whole spectrum, from tasty budget street food from the markets up to luxurious fine dining in the hotel restaurants. You’ll even find a few charming Thai restaurants in historical settings to give you that real local flavour. When it comes to finding somewhere to eat during your first time in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, we have three great suggestions for you. One has a beautiful setting, one specialises in locally-sourced fresh tea and one is a fantastic fine dining place.

  • Baan Jangarpor

    Baan Jangarpor

    This 150 year old teak house has been carefully renovated and serves delicious Thai food on the raised ground floor. Read More»

  • Raming Tea House

    Raming Tea House

    Having afternoon tea in the garden or on the terrace of Raming Tea house is an enjoyable way to end a busy day exploring Read More»

  • Moxie Restaurant

    Moxie Restaurant

    Moxie Restaurant delights guests with a classy mix of traditional Thai food and interesting fusion dishes in a smart Read More»

Hotels in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar We Recommend to Our Friends

When you’re looking for somewhere to stay during your first time in Chiang Mai, Night Bazaar provides a good balance between the comfort of Riverside and the affordability of Old City. The area is in that perfect sweet spot – far enough out of the historical city centre to have some spacious properties, but close enough to not be a lengthy journey from the interesting sites and attractions of Chiang Mai. It’s a fact that the big international brands have clearly realised as they are very well represented around Night Bazaar. The following are the pick of the bunch, in our opinion.

Le Meridien Chiang Mai

There is no missing Le Meridien Hotel in Chiang Mai.Taller than most other buildings in the Night Bazaar quarter of the city, its Read More...

dusitD2 Chiang Mai

Dusit Thanis younger sibling offers all the glamour and luxury of the brand wrapped up in far cooler packaging.At Dusit D2 Chiang Read More...

The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel is a charming four star property strategically located in the heart of Chiang Mai, just a few minutes Read More...


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